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Insignia Ark: Thomas Crane by Aksika
Insignia Ark: Thomas Crane
Thomas Crane

Race: Human(?)

Thomas Crane, much like his sister Karen (Insignia Ark: Karen Crane) is a mysterious figure wearing a blank white faceless mask. Don't let his pristine white suit fool you, as this Insignia Ark member is as merciless and underhanded as the rest. Unlike Karen, Thomas's movements are far more erratic and unpredictable, and although silent, his eccentric poses and fighting style give him more personality than his female counterpart. 

He wields a Doom Type Alloy called Dilemma, which takes the form of two large chainsaws affixed to either of his arms. The blades move faster than sound when active, yet are surprisingly quiet, only making a light hissing noise. The alloy, like most, is incredibly hard, durable enough to shrug off gunfire, magic attacks, and many other blunt force assaults. The offensive capabilities of the chainsaws are both overt and hidden. The saw blades are obviously more than able to cause grievous physical injury, this ability increased because of the blades' nature as concentrated spirit energy as opposed to normal metal. In addition, Dilemma's "edge", "Downward Spiral", causes anyone else that comes near the active saw blades  begin to lose pieces of their sanity on a temporary level. The deterioration can become intense the longer the opponent is exposed to the hum, and can cause someone to lapse into a cackling hysterics.

EDIT: for more info about Alloys, check out these info cards!…
Insignia Ark: Karen Crane by Aksika
Insignia Ark: Karen Crane
Karen Crane

Race: Human(?)

Karen is completely silent, always wearing her faceless white mask and rarely seen without it, even by her fellow Ark members.  She dresses like a secretary, always carrying a mysterious black case.  The contents and reasons for her carrying it around are unknown.  She is very calm and conservative in her movements, wasting no energy and preferring clinical precision in her actions. She has little reaction to pain and her blank white mask stops anyone from gaining any information from her expression. 

Karen is an Alloy user, fighting with a Doom Type alloy called "Agony", consisting of a set of rotating, dull, thick claws that can spin at incredible speeds. This can generate high winds that when focused can cut opponents to shreds. The alloy's "edge" is called "circle of agony", which increases the damage of Agony's cyclonic blasts the more pain is inflicted on Karen herself.

EDIT: for more info about Alloys, check here!…
Insignia Ark: Yohan, the Risen by Aksika
Insignia Ark: Yohan, the Risen

Race: Demon

Yohan is a demon of the ancient world. He was sealed away thousands of years ago by Persephone herself, before being brought back into this realm by the mages of the Ark. He is comprised almost entirely of bone, and feels no pain, making it a requirement to knock him out to stop him.  He relies primarily on brute strength. His speed is capable, if not incredibly impressive, but his bony hide can form into razor sharp shards and blast at opponents up to medium range. He has little personality to speak of, seeking destruction and violence as his primary ‘form of expression’.

Brother of 
Burza The Fallen
Insignia Ark: Christie by Aksika
Insignia Ark: Christie

Race: Humanoid Cat-rabbit

Christie prior to joining the Ark was a member of an organization of assassins that is responsible for many significant deaths of politicians, war leaders, and others throughout the world's history. Serious and business like, she talks little, relying on her fighting skills and weapons to do her talking. A quiet as she is, her kill streaks were merciless, the amount of collateral carnage she caused leading to her excommunication from her order. It's rumored that her first act of business when joining the organization was to return to her formal clan and dispose of them as retribution, as the order's presence in the world drastically diminished since Christie's departure.

She fights using a pair of modified handguns mixed with magic. Having modified them herself the pistols are fully automatic and have a deceptively large ammo capacity. Christie can also reload them with deadly speed. In addition to standard ballistics, the handguns can be infused with blasts of Christie's magic, firing either Holy or Infernal magic, giving her versatility to fight even supernatural opponents. Her hand to hand fighting skills are worthy of an assassin, and she is able to use Aura to strengthen her blows.
Insignia Ark: Buttons by Aksika
Insignia Ark: Buttons


Race: Living Scarecrow

Buttons was a scarecrow imbued with magical properties by his creator, a wizard that has long since perished. (it’s rumored Buttons has been ‘alive’ for hundreds of years.) His cloth and straw construction makes him look fragile, but the mystical properties of his making make him in fact incredibly durable, the various charms within his materials keeping him safe from any assumed weaknesses like fire or water. He battles using nearly invisible strings that he attaches to his opponents. The strings are actually a nearly extinct type of parasite, that wiggles it’s way under the skin and attaches to the nervous system. Through this, Buttons can manipulate his target’s actions. it can be very difficult to even detect the tiny parasites burrowing through the skin, making him valuable as a covert operative that can infiltrate enemy lines and take control of enemies. he can control two people at a time, one with each hand, though larger creatures may require both hands. In addition, even once one knows of the parasites, their attachment to the nervous system requires incredible precision to remove without damaging the nervous system of the victim.
Not gonna make this one long. We all say similar things every year, so instead of boring you all with reiterating everything I did on dA this year, things you were all HERE for, I will simply upload my final drawing of the year for you all to enjoy, and then take my leave.

I wish you all a happy new year, and I hope that by this time next year, we are all in greater places than we are now. 

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