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Rysora by Aksika
Hey all.  This one's a lil different. An OC introduced into my universe based on a very good friend of mine : D

Her name is Rysora!  

Not much is known about this secretive warlady's backstory. She has gained a reputation over the years as the most feared captain of the lawless seas that span the distance between the Kingdoms. beautiful, cunning, and sometimes bloody and brutal, wielding her massive double sided halberd, Envy, she uses her raw amazonian strength to use that weapon to create massive tidal waves capable of decimating even warships, and can throw it through the air where it spins like a massive buzz saw, cutting through flesh, bone, and ships hulls alike! 

Rysora wrestled control of the seas under her command, calming the squabbles between the pirate lords that controlled it by bringing them to her side. Either with her charms, or with her devastating power, combined with her ability to lead her loyal crew to conquest in any naval battle. It's said nary a single pirate ship in the central seas floats or does business without her permission.... but she is not evil. In fact, her conquest of the seas may have had ulterior motives other than a simple play for power. There's said to be a secret out there, hidden in the deepest depths of the uncharted oceans of the southern point of the world. A secret she doesn't want anyone to get near....

Beside her is a hapless ex-captain of a conquered armada. She will join Rysora's armada and sail under her, or continue resistance and condemn herself to slavery at her hands.

fun character to draw! 
Janus: Vengeance Form by Aksika
Janus: Vengeance Form
So for the longest time, you mofos have been hearing talk of this "vengeance" form that Janus, the goddess of justice (pictured here:…
and here:… )

was able to take by putting on that menacing metal mask she always has with her.

Well, its a bit of a surprise, isn't it? When Justice goddess puts on the mask and becomes the far more violent and sadistic "vengeance", its not just a mask form. the mask intiates a full transformation into the being you see before you. Wielding two massive blades connected by a chain, Janus in this form revels in violence and bloodshed in the name of vengeance and revenge, with incredibly swift bladed attacks, a body further enhanced by divine energy to become even more physically powerful and durable, and a more merciless personality to boot, in addition to all of Janus's normal abilities as a goddess.

Hope you like, was a fun character to design!    Based it on the final form of the Cloneblade Maria from the Witchblade anime, and sort of split off a bit with my own artistic tangent.
Commission: The Family Portrait Part I by Aksika
Commission: The Family Portrait Part I
Another commission for the books!
this one was for the fabulous :iconportrait1: 

As you can see, my character Selina is on the left. This is a family portrait of sorts of our little joint 'family' of OCs. We have Selina and her wife, Selene. And then their children, Regina and Cyrus (you've seen them before. Here:…)

Some new additions! 
In Cyrus's lap is the cute lil kitty, Kasumi, (character of :iconmeiakki: ) who can also take the form of a weapon for Cyrus! As well as the humanoid form of his blade Angie (seen in that prior commission. notice the hilt is her chest insignia)

fun commission, more added to this later~

EDIT**: yes...Selina is female..and she has a wife n kids.... the method is secret~
Commission: Osaira and Niza by Aksika
Commission: Osaira and Niza
This is a commission for the fantabulous :iconxthexblackmanx:
who wanted his OC, Niza, the stern military gal, being captured by Osaira (my moon goddess character) in this pose! Niza has a crush on a certain demi-god named after an aquatic mammal, so Osaira is keeping her tied up while she herself goes on a date with this "Walrus" 
hm hm hm hm
mean!… there's a story from him featuring Osaira and Walrus on a playdate~

Niza's hair was tough to color but overall, fun commission :D I like cleava gags sometimes
Hey all!
between jobs right now while I wait to get into the new one, so deciding to open up a few commissions slots again!

This time, only a few, I want to keep the workload a bit light so I can work on Kingfish stuff too.


Patron Slots (PATRONS that sponsor me at 5 dollars or more a month get priority commission access!! Sponsor at 10 dollars or more a month and you get discounts on those same commissions! )


Normal slots:

1. :iconportrait1:

2. :iconxthexblackmanx:

3. :iconthelairverse:

4. :iconphantomdotexe:

Commissions are done through paypal. We will discuss rates via notes depending on the request itself. Thanks and have a great day!
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